Security Baseline For Office 365

Secure your Microsoft Office 365 environment and reduce the risk of data breaches
Microsoft Office 365 is simple to get up and running and environment security is often overlooked. It’s for this reason that scammers often target Office 365 accounts, which are regularly compromised and data stolen. The Magnitude 8 Security Baseline for Office 365 ensures that your environment is configured with a essential configuration settings that makes it much harder for an attacker to compromise your accounts and expose confidential data.

A 3 day, fixed-price implementation
This includes 2 hours of administrative training. We work with you to transfer knowledge and ensure you are comfortable managing your secure Office 365 environment.

Strategies are implemented in 4 key areas:


Ensure that an attacker can’t automatically forward your email to an external address and that sensitive information is protected with Data Loss Prevention (DLP). Data is also be protected against unauthorised modification and deletions, by ensuring you can recover to a known good state.


Office 365 accounts are always online and exposed to attackers. Account protection is about ensuring the theft of a password is not enough to access your account and that administrative privileges are restricted and appropriate.


It's essential to track all Office 365 activity and be automatically alerted to unusual behaviour. Without auditing and alerting it’s possible to have a breach and not even know it's occurred and what data has been effected.


Ensure content filtering is configured to best protect you against malware and spam entering your environment via email. Use advanced protection techniques to block malicious web links and attachments in email messages.