Application Whitelisting

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) recommends that organisations implement eight essential cyber security mitigation strategies as a baseline. Perhaps the most effective preventive strategy of the eight is application whitelisting, which ensures that only known good applications run on your computers and protects against malware like viruses and ransomware. If the malicious software can’t run, then it can't infect your systems and steal or destroy business critical information.

While it is a highly effective strategy, it is also one of the most difficult essential strategies to implement. Every business runs a different mix of applications and operating systems as well as having different security requirements and support capabilities. A successful outcome requires planning with a technology and implementation strategy that is the best possible fit for the businesses environment. If application whitelisting is implemented properly it significantly reduces risk without adversely impacting business operations. The technology implemented also needs to be managed long term and must be suited to a business's internal support and IT management capabilities.

Magnitude 8 works with two leading application whitelisting technologies, Microsoft AppLocker and Airlock Digital, to ensure that we deploy the best solution for your environment. Our implementation service is fixed price, so you know what you'll get and exactly what it will cost up front. Implementation includes training on how to manage the solution and post-implementation support.


Rapid Deployment Service

We offer a three day rapid risk reduction deployment, where whitelisting is fully deployed to eight machines used by staff that have access to sensitive data and are considered at higher risk. This is ideally suited to computers used by finance and accounting staff, that may be targeted by cyber criminals. The implementation runs over a two week time frame and requires three days of implementation effort that includes administrative training for key support staff. This implementation can also be treated as a proof of concept, ensuring that the application whitelisting solution works effectively in the business environment and suits support structures without adversely affecting operations.


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