Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Planning

We assist businesses with the implementation of disaster recovery programs and the underlying technology solutions. We ensure you have the systems and technologies in place to recover from a disaster and also the documented plans and recovery procedures. Documentation of the recovery process is critical and staff need to rely on tested procedures in the event of a disaster. These technical recovery plans form part of a master plan that includes activation procedures, communication plans, and details how recovery efforts will be managed.

We also review existing disaster recovery programs and assist with implementing testing strategies.

Recovery Technologies

Disaster Recovery Technologies

Microsoft Azure Site Recovery

It can be costly implementing a disaster recovery site. A recovery site requires additional hardware that must be managed and maintained. Microsoft Azure makes an ideal hot recovery site for on-premises server infrastructure as costs are minimal if replicated servers are not in a running state.

Azure Site Recovery is a technology that replicates servers into Azure and maintains them in a ready to power on state. It means that servers can be powered on in a matter of minutes in a disaster and can also be failed over for testing, without disrupting production services. We not only use Azure Site Recovery to implement disaster recovery solutions but also utilise it to migrate servers into Azure.

Veeam Backup and Replication

We recommend Veeam for virtual machine backup and recovery. Suited to businesses that maintain infrastructure at multiple sites, it can be used to replicate and fail over services between sites. If Veeam is in place for system backups it can often be leveraged for disaster recovery at no additional cost.