Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

We design and implement secure Azure environments and can extend existing on-premises networks into the cloud. We specialise in highly available IaaS solutions, and can provide a business with availability and redundancy that may not have been financially feasible on-premises.

Servers and Storage

In the age of the cloud, on-premises hardware is still the preferred solution for many businesses and often gives the end user the best possible application experience. This is due to the fact that many applications are designed to work over a local network and do not perform well over slower network links.

We design and build highly available server, storage and backup solutions using HP Enterprise hardware. Virtualised server environments are built using either VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V.

Server and Storage

Networking and Switching


All good infrastructure environments start with a solid underlying network infrastructure. We provide network and firewall design and implementation services. These may be physical switch and firewall devices on-premises or logical devices in the cloud.

Our speciality is security and we implement the latest next generation firewalls with advanced intrusion prevention, web filtering and data leak prevention technology. Our network designs leverage secure switching technologies to ensure that only your staff can connect to your internal network.