Infrastructure and Security strategy Workshops

We share our knowledge so you can make better IT decisions for your business.

Magnitude 8 works with organisations of all sizes, to implement, support and secure their IT infrastructure. The environments we work in are many and varied. We’ve learnt lessons the hard way, so you don’t have to. Our strategy workshops are a way to transfer this knowledge and ensure that your resources, time and money are focused towards projects and systems that provide the most benefit to your business.


The Workshops

Strategy workshops are held once a month, with each cycle consisting of six, two hour workshops over a six month period. A Magnitude 8 Infrastructure and Security Architect will meet will key IT and business staff, and facilitate each workshop. A monthly planning and review call is also held between workshops to ensure that goals are set for each face to face session and the sessions are structured to address priority items. An additional two hour discovery workshop will be held in the first month, to ensure Magnitude 8 gains an understanding of business operations, IT systems and current pain points.


What’s Covered?

A Magnitude 8 architect can attend meetings or calls where a technical resource is required, such as a meeting with an external software vendor or supplier.

Items covered in workshops are tailored specifically to the organisation, but may include:

  • Formulation of IT strategic plans and roadmaps.

  • Software and product advice. What works and what doesn't.

  • On-premises and cloud infrastructure planning. Knowing what to move to the cloud and how to do it securely.

  • Planning of secure network and firewall infrastructure.

  • Cybersecurity best practices and risk reduction. How to establish a security baseline and which supporting products and technologies to use.

  • Backup and disaster recovery advice and planning.

  • Skill up sessions, covering industry trends and new technologies.

  • Advice on how best to tackle difficult technical issues that are currently being faced.

If you’d like to organise a meeting to find out more and meet our team, please contact us.