NIST SP 800-171 Compliance


We help Australian defence contractors ensure they are prepared for handling highly sensitive information by assessing their security requirements based on NIST SP 800-171. These requirements can be daunting and SP 800-171 has over 100 security requirements, broken into 14 separate categories.

To become compliant, we first gain an understanding of the current condition of systems and processes, identify the gaps that exist, and help to implement the policies and technical safeguards that are required.

Notifiable Data Breaches

The Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme came into effect in February 2018. This scheme states that eligible businesses must notify affected individuals and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner of certain data breaches.

Prevention is key and the Privacy Act states that reasonable steps must be taken to secure personal information. We assess existing security measures and help businesses meet their obligations by formulating a data breach response plan and strategy to minimise exposure and risk.

Notifiable Data Breaches

Data Breach Investigation

Data Breach Investigation

Data breaches are becoming more common and can have long-term impacts on the finances and reputation of your business. If a breach has occurred it’s important to analyse the incident and determine the root cause. This is critical to ensure the breach has been stopped and to prevent a recurrence in future. We can assist in incident analysis and the implementation of safeguards to prevent future breaches.

IT Risk Assessments

Don’t know where you’re at risk? An IT Risk Assessment helps all kinds of businesses to determine where they are most at risk and focus attention where it’s required. Each business faces different threats and is vulnerable in different ways. Have you put five locks on your front door and left your back door wide open? We'll give you a roadmap of prioritised mitigation controls and strategies to mitigate risk.

IT Risk Assessment

Office 365 Security

Microsoft Office 365 Security

Microsoft Office 365 makes it easy for organisations to store and access their data in the cloud. Unfortunately, this convenience also makes the platform a target for scammers who can obtain access to sensitive email and documents, often undetected for months.

We can review and secure Office 365 to protect you against common threats, such as identity theft and phishing attacks, while also providing notifications of unusual activity when it is automatically detected.

Use Magnitude 8 Security Essentials for Office 365 to secure your environment.

ACSC Essential Eight

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) recommends eight strategies that are essential for all businesses to protect themselves against Cybersecurity threats. We can help you assess your current maturity level and implement these strategies. We take a vendor-agnostic approach to ensure you have the right solution for your specific requirements. We have experience across a wide range of products, and know what works and what doesn't.

Application whitelisting is the #1 strategy and considered the most important preventive strategy of the Essential 8. We provide a rapid deployment service to ensure the computers of high-risk users are protected.

ASD Essential Eight

Network Security

Network Security

Secure all the parts of your network. We can configure firewalls, switches, wireless access points, virtual networks and cloud networks. We'll review you current network infrastructure and ensure that components are configured securely, systems are segmented properly and vulnerabilities are addressed.